Frequently Asked Questions


How do I become part of Allies Underground?

Just like our brand philosophy, we believe becoming an Ally should be just as easy and fuss-free. What's more it's completely free to sign up. Simply click here to get started. Once you're registered with us, you'll be entitled to all of the perks and rewards that come with being an Ally.


How do I earn points?

There are four ways in which you can earn points:

  1. Points for Purchases
    Earn 5 points for every SGD$1 spent
  2. Complete Your Profile
    Earn 200 points when you complete your account profile with us.
  3. Leave a Review
    Earn 200 points for every product review you leave on our website.
  4. Refer a Friend
    Earn 500 points when your friend checks out their first purchase using your referral link. Your friend also gets 10% off their purchase when you refer them.


Which purchases can I earn points on?

Ours is the gift that keeps on giving, apart from giving you the gift of good skin, we like to lift your spirits as well. Points are earned on all purchases (excluding gift cards).


Do I earn points when I spend on shipping?

That’s a resounding yes. For the distance our products travel to reach you, and the time you spend awaiting its arrival, we believe that’s something worth rewarding. So be it the first time we’re meeting or the next time we reunite, we hope that every purchase you make with us is something worth looking forward to.


When are points from leaving a review on the website credited to my account? Why doesn’t my review appear on the website immediately?

Points for leaving a review are credited to your account the minute you hit the ‘Submit’ button.

Every review left by an ally first goes to our customer experience team who are always eager to be the first in the know when it comes to customer feedback. Because every review is important to us, we pay special attention to noting down and compiling all of our reviews, so please bear with us if your review doesn’t appear immediately.


How does the earning points for reviews exchange work?

There are two ways in which you can earn points for leaving reviews.

The first way is through the email that we send to your inbox 30 days after your purchase. 

If you're as eager about giving feedback as we are receiving it, the second way through which you can leave a review is through the Allies underground page.


How do I send my friend a referral link?

Simply log into your Allies Underground account, click on the huge button that says "Share The Love" (you can't miss it!), and enter your friend's email address to, well, share the love. 

Your friend will then receive a link via email. Upon clicking the link, a pop-up will appear with the code for him/her to enter at checkout.


How can I check my points balance?

See that number in the top left corner of your Allies underground page? That number reflects your current, up-to-date points balance. 


Do I have to separately enrol or register in individual, one-off campaigns?

Nope. Here at Allies of Skin, we not only cut through the noise but also the red tape. Registering for an account with us automatically qualifies you for all existing campaigns. Once you fulfil all the requirements of a campaign, your points will be credited to your account. 


Do my points expire?

We're all about building lasting alliances so rest assured that the points you have with us will never expire.


I'm very close to redeeming my points. Can I purchase extra points to get there?

While our brand philosophy is all about minimum effort and maximum results, the song lyric, 'Money Can't Buy You Love' was on repeat while we were thinking up the answer to this question.  So while money can't buy you extra points, good things are still worth the wait. In no time, you’ll be on your way to your first (or next) redemption.


Are my points transferrable? 

We like to think of our rewards programme as a means of forging key alliances with you, our allies. Just like you can’t switch alliances, the same goes for our points. You can however refer an ally so they can start earning points and building alliances of their own. What’s more you earn 500 points (SGD$5) for every ally you refer